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  Unattended Death Clean Up





Unattended death occurs anywhere and can happen at any time. Many people who are not socially active or with little to no family, even just a very private individual, may pass without being noticed for some time. Often the body may rest undiscovered for days.

Many unattended deaths, because of this time lag, result in decomposition and the secretion of harmful fluids and gases, making it vastly important to utilize professionals for the cleanup process for safety and to ensure every scrap of biologocal material is removed.


It is also wise to carry this out as quickly as possible to minimize any ongoing damage to a property, as the longer the wait the more contamination will occur with spreading to other parts of the property and to furnishings.

Upon starting work on the location we ensure the prompt removal of all contamination and materials that present a biohazard. Often this requires not only cleaning, but also removal of soiled items such as furnitureflooring materials, wall surfaces, and the clearing out of closets and cupboards.






A decomposing body, unexpectedly found, is a very difficult situation to face. The cleaning and remediation of the location is also a very difficult and complex task that is best carried out only by professional teams experienced in the full process of unattended death cleanup.

At ForensicCleanse our experience with such scenes allows us to understand the timing of the event and exactly which processes are required to return the location to a completely clean and safe space again.


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