Precision Cleaning Services
  Automobile Clean Up



  Official Vehicles

Our work includes the cleaning of contaminated vehicles for various official agencies - law enforcement, first responders, and government agencies - to return their vehicles to a thoroughly cleaned and disinfected state, ensuring the removal of any fluids and contaminated areas. In this way any and all pathogens and viral bacteria are eradicated and any contamination from blood or bodily fluids or solids is completely removed from the vehicle, rendering it safe to operate.

  Personal Vehicles

We clean vehicles that have been at the site of accidents, suicides or homicides, ensuring the removal of all blood, vomit and feces. This type of work is carried out after an inspection of the vehicle, and recommendations made as to the level of cleaning required. Often this work ranges from a complete steam cleaning and detailing, to a process where we will dismantle various areas, clean underneath surfaces, and sometimes requires the removal and replacement of various components within the vehicle.




  Thorough Inspection

Any noxious or biohazardous materials in your vehicle - whether blood, vomit, feces or otherwise - should be taken care of by a set of professionals with access to the experience, the right cleaning products and tools, and the knowledge to eliminate all of those issues. Each vehicle is fully checked so that all visible and hidden biohazards are removed and cleaned away, and the entire car is disinfected to leave you with a completely clean and safe interior that you feel safe using again.


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