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  Hoarding Clean Up




Hoarding problems present themselves in many forms, but all are unhealthy and unsafe and can cause further problems due to inability to access the home and its facilities for use or maintenance.

Whether garbage, paper, household items, clothing, filth, human or animal waste, or a combination of those, hoarding is unhealthy and unsafe. Further dangers also inherent are mold and bacteria, often feces and rotting food, and an ever present fire hazard.

  Discretion and Compassion

It is often difficult to call for help with hoarding situations. People tend to feel shame or embarassment at the mess, and then this delay in asking for help further increases the problem. We know it is hard for you to allow us into your home to help you with this situation, and we have compassion for the position you are in. We are experienced in this type of help and will treat you, your home and your posessions with dignity and discretion.




  Valued Posessions

When we are contacted by individuals or their family about cleaning a home, we take into account your feelings and needs. We are not only there to clean the home, we take the careful steps needed to preserve valuable and treasured items, recover documents, and restore the home to its optimum condition. The recovery of a home that has been hoarded in is a mammoth task that must be done carefully and by experienced personnel.


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