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  Trauma Clean Up




When called upon for trauma cleanup, we are typically involved in the cleaning up and disposal of blood and other bodily fluids from a trauma site. Any time blood is involved it requires a specialized clean up process carried out by personnel with the experience and knowledge to be able to clean and decontaminate the affected area correctly and thoroughly. It is not a process that can be correctly be undertaken safely or coreectly by an individual or a typical cleaning company.


Trauma clean up is very intensive work, requiring equipment that includes protective gear, specialized equipment and product, specific containment and disposal procedures, and personnel with the experience to carry out the procedures correctly. At ForensicCleanse we have the ability to handle all sizes of trauma clean up situations, utilizing our expertise and trained personnel to completely clean and restore any space affected by a traumatic incident.





We are ready to be called upon to carry out work on any area where you have been the victom of a trauma situation, and can standby to enter and begin work as soon as entry is authorized.. We can rescue you from the risks of unsafe work in mopping up blood and other bodily fluids that may contain pathogens, and correctly dispose of all materials in a correct and regulated manner. Our cleaning then leaves you with a space you know is completely cleared of matter and is cleaned and disinfected to a perfectly safe level for use again.


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