Precision Cleaning Services
  Suicide Clean Up




The sudden and tragic loss of a loved one to a suicidal act may be by far the most traumatizing events in a persons life. Then, once all of the police and medical people have left there is always a massively contaminated area from the action that needs special treatment and cleaning. This is not a time to cause yourself more stress and despair by attempting to clean and repair a scene yourself. The area likely contains dangerous and biohazardous material and fluids that are best taken care of by professionals familiar with the necessary procedures.

  Complete Service

After a body is removed there is always a lot of material left behind, including blood and body fluids. And whether it is isolated in a specific area or more widespread we can have equipment, personnel and procedures in place as soon as the area has been cleared. We will then provide you with a complete and full cleaning service to remove all staining and odors. We can also remove any items that were contaminated and have them disposed of correctly, including furnishings, floor and wall coverings, and any surrounding items.




  Renewed Scene

We can react to your call by sending in a crew discretely, and beginning work on the site as soon as possible. Our experience ensures that the clean up at the scene, regardless of level of contamination, will meet and exceed your expectations and leave you with a restored and renewed location ready to be safely occupied and used again.


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