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  Death Clean Up



  Our Specialty

We specialize in the clean up of an area after a death event of any kind. Whether suicide, homicide, a natural passing, or an unattended and unexpected death, our services will take care of the situation with complete safety and the utmost care. A professional crew equipped with the tools and products needed will process the site and carry out a sequence of operations that will decontaminate an area, clean it, and restore it to a space that is certified safe to occupy again.

  Correct Cleaning

In cleaning an area we are expert in the removal of blood borne and air borne pathogens. We can efficiently decontaminate areas that have been the site of human decomposition and carry out the removal of all materials and fluids, then cleaning completely and thoroughtly disinfecting the affetced area. This allows for the total removal of any staining, and the eradication of any odors that would occur should the area not be cleaned correctly.




  We Stand Ready

We can be there to help, just contact us to have us take care of all potential issues at the scene. Not only do we clean up blood and biohazardous fluids and materials, we disinfect the areas to ensure any carried diseases or illnesses such as a contagious illness/virus such as a staph infection, MRSA, hepatitis or HIV are eliminated from the scene. We provide this service for a full scope of clients, that include residents, businesses, hotels, property managers, apartment complexes and anyone else in need of the service.


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